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Jürgen Martens



This homepage is part of the Family Martens homepage. The aim of it is to allow friends which are spread all over Africa and Europe to see how I have been faring over here since returning to Germany after more than 15 years in Nigeria and Ghana.

This is the reason that this site is written in English with the exception of the "Fahrrad" page, which is written entirely in German since it deals more with the legal aspect of cycling in Germany rather than general cycling issues.

Also the Velomobil part is in German as I can not image that anybody would dare to drive a velomobile in the streets of Accra or even Lagos. And this has very little to do with the kind of temperature and humidity expected inside such a vehicle in the tropics ......


To establish a nice homepage is much more time consuming than I thought at the beginning. I therefore decided to concentrate more on pictures and other "Multi Media Gimmicks" rather than aiming at professional presentations or elaborate wordings .......

Motto: Better a poor homepage than no homepage at all.













View from "Dürbheimer Moor" on Dreifaltigkeitsberg.


European Pond Turtle, the only turtle in Germany living in these wetlands.

They have become very rare in Europe.